Using Interviews and Questionnaires in Research

In this session we will discuss various types of interviews and questionnaires that are commonly used in research, with illustrative examples often taken from our own research. We will consider the strengths and limitations of each type of data collection method.  We will focus particularly on issues relating to bias, transparency and transferability, considering how to account for these when designing, conducting, analysing and presenting research.

This session is suitable for those who are interested in qualitative and/or quantitative research. Professor Bradley is primarily a qualitative researcher and Professor Jones is primarily a quantitative researcher so you will be able to hear from both perspectives.

Date: 6th December 2016

Time: 12:15-1:45

Location: EE 1104

Preparing for Transfer

This session outlines the transfer process for research students from MPhil/PhD to PhD. It will describe the requirements and advise on preparing and planning for transfer.

Date: 7th December 2016

Time: 12:15-2:15

Location: JL 2003

My Bid Was Succesful – what next?

This workshop will explain the internal and external processes involved when you have been awarded a research bid from an external funding body. This session will be useful for all colleagues who are currently engaged in research projects or who are interested in doing so in the future.

Date: 7th December 2016

Time: 12:15-1:45

Location: JL 2002

Vacation Research Assistant Scheme 2017 Info Session

This session is intended for colleagues who are interested in applying for the scheme in 2017. It will provide an overview of how the scheme works, which projects are eligible and how to apply.

Date: 8th December 2016

Time: 12:15-1:45

Location: EE G020

Book online via the student portal: or via the staff development workshop booking portal, located under ‘Your Online Services’.


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