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As you may be aware, over the last few months we have been developing a new Blackboard organization for Research Degree Programmes to replace the old ‘internal’ Research School web pages.

This Blackboard site is now your one-stop-source for all information concerning your research degree programme. Some of the resources you will find here include:

  • Handbooks and Regulatory Frameworks
  • RDB Forms
  • Guide for Research Degree Students
  • Finance forms (including the Research Student Support Scheme)
  • Dates for committees
  • Links to relevant support services
  • A discussion board – a space for research degree students to virtually discuss and/or ask questions about any aspect of their programme.

We have also added a list of all current students and their thesis titles so that students can identify other students working in similar or related fields who they may like to contact. If you would like to contact another student, please email the Research School and if both parties are amenable, we can then put you in touch with each other.

To access the organization, please go to Blackboard through the student portal and then look for ‘Research Degree Programme’ under the ‘My Organisations’ section. If you are unable to see the site, please contact research@worc.ac.uk.


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