It’s been a time for celebration this week as over 3,700 students have graduated from the University of Worcester, including our new research degree graduates! Congratulations!


Jody Crutchley E is for Empire? Imperialism and British Public Elementary School Curricula 1902-1931 (Dr Neil Fleming)

Marie Dunnion The Masked Employee and False Performance: detecting unethical behaviour and investigating its effects on work relationships (Dr Gbola Gbadamosi)

Margaret Ebubedike A Narrative Inquiry into the influence of cultural contexts on women HE leaders in Nigeria (Prof. Alison Kington)

Elena Fantozzi Investigating pamp/damp triggered immunity during arabidopsis-hyaloperonospora interactions (Prof. Mahmut Tör)

Fawzia Gilani-Williams Muslim children, fiction and personal understanding: children’s Islamic literature in Britain, USA and Canada since 1990 (Prof. Jean Webb)

Neal Johnson From Malvern to the Irish Sea: Early Bronze Age round barrows in a border landscape (Dr Jodie Lewis)

Pippa Marland The island imagination: an ecocritical study of ‘islandness’ in selected post 1960 literature of the British and Irish archipelago (Dr John Parham)

Sarah Milosevic Exploring and Improving Access to Direct Payments by People with Dementia Living in Rural Communities (Dr Simon Evans)

Sherry O’Sullivan Research and Development of a Digital Game Based Learning Framework for Education: Designing for Educators and Students (Dr Colin Price)

Jennifer Peacock Beyond native and invader: a re-evaluation of the Romano-British period in Cumbria (Dr Helen Loney)

Emma Preece The Loci of Age of Acquisition and Word Frequency Effects: Evidence from Contemporary Experimental Paradigms and Eye-Tracking (Dr Tim Jones)

Dani Stephens-Lewis Constructing the Female Sporting Body: Motivations, Barriers and Embodiment of the Female Road Cyclist (Dr Irmgard Tischner)

Fozia Tenvir A qualitative study of the relationship between the educational experiences of Muslim young women and their life choices (Dr Stephen Bigger)

Sharon Young The Country House in English women’s poetry 1650-1750: genre, power and identity (Dr David Arnold)

PhD by Published Work

Rory McDowall Clark Small changes…big impact’: Reconceptualising leadership for graduate professionals in the early years workforce (Prof. Stephen Parker)

Masters by Research

Dominique Cragg What ecological aspects of an agricultural landscape influence corn bunting territory distribution? (Dr John Dutton)

Here are a few pictures from this week’s celebrations.

photo credits: Helen Tabinor  @ScreenwritingUW  @DementiaStudies  Jennifer Peacock @PsychUoW  @DrKateMuse  @reffieraptor 


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