Postgraduate Research Conference 2016: ‘Seeds of Knowledge’

Alice Burgin

We were delighted to welcome over 60 attendees to this year’s University of Worcester Postgraduate Research Conference, themed around ‘Seeds of Knowledge’. The event was a great success with 25 presenters throughout the day. Presentations were of a great quality and we saw great discussions between presenters and an inquisitive audience.

We held three sessions of oral presentations which were fantastically chaired by Professor Eleanor Bradley, Professor Stephen Parker and Dr Catharine Ross. We welcomed presentations on a range of topics including chronic inflammatory disease, river science, educational needs, mood disorders and exciting advances in medical research. The event attracted attendees from a range of institutions including the University of Wolverhampton, the University of Birmingham, the University of Warwick, the University of Leeds, Aston University as well as a great interest from students and staff here from the University of Worcester.

The event was fantastically rounded up by two recent PhD graduates: Dr Adam Benkwitz and Dr Sean Bracken. They led a very valuable session in giving their perspectives, experiences and advice to postgraduate research students. We would like to thank them for their contributions and for rounding up the day so very well.

It was important to us that the day was valuable for all attendees in terms of disseminating ideas, drawing inspiration from colleagues and offering time to reflect on future research and career development.

We have had some great feedback on the event so far and already looking forward to making the event even bigger and better next year. For information about other research events at the University of Worcester and to volunteer to present your work at any future conferences please contact a member of the conference committee on

‘The seeds of knowledge may be planted in solitude but must be cultivated in public’ Samuel Johnson


Postgraduate Research Conference Committee 2016: Hazel Richards, Alice Burgin, George Bunting, Lemun Yatu Nuhu & Katherine Jones.

The conference committee would also like to express thanks to Rosie Plimmer and Dr Jacqueline Taylor of the University of Worcester Research School for their help and suggestions.


Please find below presentations from the day, kindly offered for dissemination by some of our presenters.

An old anti-alcoholism drug gives lung cancer patients new hope – Kate Butcher, University of Wolverhampton

The evolution of ‘form roughness’ and its influence on riverbank erosion – Rebecca Collins, University of Worcester

The perceptions of how dyslexia impacts on the nursing and midwife student and the coping strategies they develop/use to manage difficulties associated with dyslexia in clinical practice: embedded case study – Anna Crouch, University of Northampton

‘You find me a deal…You get the commission’: Agents in Professional Basketball Migration – Christopher Faulkner, Dr Gyozo Molnar & Dr Geoff Kohe, University of Worcester

On uncertain ground: Grandmothers on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – Hilary Lumsden, University of Wolverhampton

Autistic Students’ Transition in Post-Secondary Education, Complex Embodiment and the Spatio-Temporal Location of Justice – Amy Simmons, University of Birmingham

The communication of benign biopsy results in breast cancer screening – Siân Williamson, University of Warwick



One thought on “Postgraduate Research Conference 2016: ‘Seeds of Knowledge’

  1. Anna Crouch says:

    Many thanks for allowing me access to the papers. Anna Crouch

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